photo 3 300x225 Tony Bennett Says Kiss the Good Life Goodbye to David Letterman at Las Vegas Hilton Concert

Last night, we went to a Tony Bennett concert at the Las Vegas Hilton! I love Tony Bennett, but my Grandma loved him even more! I was the youngest person at the concert, but I might have been the most excited. I’m one of those emotional people who get so happy that they cry! I was searching for tissues in the dark! LOL!


Tony Bennett is such a big legend. He is the last player still performing from the era of the Frank Sinatra pack. Tony even mentioned that Frank Sinatra was his best friend in show business. Tony also mentioned that he doesn’t really like today’s music, he still likes to listen and sing music from the good old days. Tony was singing songs from the 1930’s! The old time songs are so interesting to me, they all last about 1 minute! Just when it sounds like the song has started, it’s already over! Hey, it keeps your attention I guess!

Tony sang a lot of his famous tunes like “I left my heart in San Francisco” and “The best is yet to come.” Tony then began to sing a song and he said, “this song is dedicated to David Letterman… it’s titled “Kiss the good life goodbye.”” (The name of that song is actually just “The good life” but the lyrics say, “kiss the good life goodbye.”) Everyone in the audience chuckled at Tony’s joke.

Soooo was Tony saying for David Letterman to ‘kiss the good life goodbye’? Was this a burn to Dave? A joke? Are they friends???

The concert was heartwarming and beautiful. We had a great time, but it would have been greater if Tony’s manager would have let us backstage for a picture and mini interview!!! Well, at least I got a picture with his poster! We love Tony anyway! Great show!

I wonder if Tony will make an appea

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