A couple weeks ago, Los Angeles prosecutors had charged Michael Jackson’s late physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, with involuntary manslaughter. Murray pleaded not guilty to the charge, but he admitted giving Michael the powerful anesthetic “Propofol” as a sleep aid on the day Michael died.

Since that hearing, Michael’s father Joe Jackson has not been satisfied with the outcome. He wants to dig deeper into this case…he believes there is more than meets the eye.


Back in court Friday morning, a Los Angeles judge just granted Joe Jackson permission to obtain his son Michael Jackson’s medical records. But the catch is that Joe nor the public will be able to see the documents. Judge Mitchell Beckloff stated that only a hired ‘medical expert’ could view the documents for Joe.

After viewing the documents, reports say that Joe will then decide whether or not to take further legal action against Dr. Conrad Murray, who was the Doctor with Michael the time of his death.