My old highlights were past due for a fix… I just wanted to get those brassy strands out and put a new color in! Who would I go to in the Las Vegas area to get my hair revived Hollywood style? None other than Max Maddux.

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Max Maddux who is currently over at Cielo Salon and Spa, is a tailored color specialist of 20 years. I sent him the pictures of what I wanted to do with my hair, made the appointment, and I went to Cielo for my appointment.

Max was so confident with what he was going to do with my hair. I knew I didn’t have to worry. He said he looked at the hair color in the pictures I sent him, and he already had the colors picked out.

Max then came back with the mixed colors for my hair. We decided to do 3 colors so my hair would have subtle dimension, rather than it just looking solid dark with no movement.

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*Hair 411* about going from light to dark:
When you want to go darker with your hair color, just know that the processing time will be longer if your hair has bleach/highlights in it already. More highlights and bleach equals longer processing and possibly a second round of processing again to cover any highlights peeking through still. Hey! That means you get two head massages! :)

He painted away, ridding the brass of the past. He painted and painted, we talked and talked…then I sat to process the color. He washed my hair with good strong hands, then we went back to the chair for a trim.

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*Trim 411* being specific about trim length:
When you tell your hairdresser ‘how much length you want cut off of your hair’, you need to be super specific. You must tell them how many inches you want cut and show them in a visual way. You could bring a ruler to show them, or even draw a picture. A “trim” is different to every hairdresser. My trim was only about an inch. If you only get your hair done every 2 months, then you should get at least an inch off. If you’re like me and you curl and straighten your hair, then you probably have some dead ends that need to go bye-bye.

Max then blow-dryed my hair with a nice round-brush. I love round-brushes. They make your hair voluptuous and straight with a slight curl at the ends. You don’t need any irons after using round-brushes.

After the blow-dry, Max sprayed my hair lightly with “Bumble and Bumble” hairspray, and I was done!

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Ohhh! I just love my hair color and cut! Finally it’s all blended and dark again! Max was so cool and Cielo Salon is so relaxed and everyone is nice there. I had a great time and I am very happy with my hair. Another great thing is that Max is the kind of hairdresser that will fix your hair if you think something is little ‘off’. You just call him and he will take care of it.

To book an appointment go to his website: