Megan Fox W Magazine Interview, Photos and Video

Here is the interview with Megan Fox in the latest “W Magazine”. The guys over at typed out the whole interview! I like this interview of Megan. For once she doesn’t seem arrogant. She seems very honest, vulnerable, soft and approachable. Read the interview and enjoy the visuals :)

* * * * * W Magazine Interview:


“Megan Fox trudges onto a soundstage on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, dressed like a college student: sweats, hiking boots and a puffy jacket, its fur-rimmed hood pulled tight over her head. She would blend in perfectly on campus—the soundstage is inside the theater of a community college—were it not for the words “Patricia Field” scrawled in gold rope along the back of the jacket. And were it not for the fact that Field herself gave Megan Fox the jacket, during the second season of Hope & Faith, the sitcom on which Field served as costume designer and Megan Fox portrayed a sullen, sexy teenager. After the New York–based series was canceled in 2006, the Florida-raised actress hightailed it to Los Angeles, where she has been living ever since. The gold-adorned puffer remains her only winter coat.

Megan Fox is in Santa Fe to film the movie Passion Play, in which she’s one third of an unlikely cast triumvirate alongside Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray. On this Monday, her day off from filming but not from being Megan Fox, she enters the building and quickly disappears into a back room, emerging 45 minutes later in a more recognizable form —tumbling dark locks, painted lips, a low-cut blouse. Quietly, with focus, Megan Fox rolls through a series of shots with a photographer. In person she is diminutive, nearly tomboyish with long, thin limbs, and a small face, yet on the monitors, her delicate features pop as full and exotic. The camera’s affection for her makes things easy: With plenty of images to choose from, the shoot wraps two hours early, and Megan Fox strides back to her dressing room, head down, entirely disinterested in the thousands of dollars’ worth of chiffon and leather and bedazzled duds in her path.