I got a chance to watch the awards early and man it turned out to be the most awkward award show of all time.The image you’re looking at above is Sasha Baron Cohen’s ass staring at Eminem’s mortified face. His alter ego “Bruno” flew high above the Gibson Amphitheater donning angel wings and a jock strap to present an award that Zac Efron would go on to win, but not before the wires holding him up malfunctioned and he was conveniently thrust into the audience crotch first into the face of Eminem. There seemed to be plenty anticipatory time for Eminem to stand up and get out of the way, but yet a face full of butt he received. Although he and his crew seemed pretty peeved, I call scripted.  Eminem, MTv and Bruno all stand to gain a ton from the publicity blitz that will follow this messy incident.

That moment would only prove to be one of many awkward moments that we would blessed with upon viewing this years MTV Awards.  I shall chronicle some of these moments in my next few posts. Yikes.