If you’re like me and you live in the West Coast, then don’t login to Twitter until 11pm..at least if you’re following ex-Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard, or P. Diddy. Since it’s officially 10pm in the East Coast, Diddy and Dawn decided to twit their feelings about tonight’s season finale for MTV’s Making the Band, where the future of Danity Kane was going to be explained.

I decided to login to Twitter (Name is Porshalicious) to write what I was doing (of course), when I read Dawn and Diddy’s twits, and got pissed off. If you DON’T want to konw what happens to Danity Kane, then DON’T read any further.


Dawn’s Twitter Posts: “Mad love to all yall watching..this journey has been crazy..but my love for yall and dk will never ever change! God will bless us..Drea..I love you forever homie..thaks for riding with me baby. ”

Diddy’s Twitter Posts: “To all the Danity Kane fans-I truly am sorry. I really did my best..I’m lookin fwd 2 makin another female band! Thank u 4 all ur support!!..At the end of the day I just want people to be happy..if Danity Kane couldn’t be happy together, id rather they be happy apart. All love!”

Well as you can see, Andrea got the boot and Dawn has been given a solo career. Anytime Dawn twits, she writes about being in the studio working. I interviewed her two weeks ago, and asked if she was pursuing a solo career (although I already knew the answer..yes) and she responded telling me I have to watch the season finale. Give me a better interview answer dummy!

Diddy needs to OFFICIALLY STOP creating the bands, because obviously you’re doing something wrong.

Will you support Dawn’s solo career?