Sia And Christina Aguilera Are Making Sweet Love

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I think Christina is teaming up with a fantastic singer and songwriter.

If you don’t know who Sia is listen to Zero-7 “Destiny” and “Breathe Me”- the song from the end of Six Feet Under.

She can also be seen her in a raw great performance: SIA


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Says Sia on her blog:

she is my new best friend
i arrived on a sunday night and fell into bed.
monday morning i discovered it was colder than i had anticipated,and shorts and shirt dresses weren’t going to cut it.As the rain seeped into my converse chucks,i made a note to refer to them as ‘sandals’ in the future.
sam (dixon) and i spent the day discussing valentines,and trying not to buy anything at all,because ‘there is a recession,you know’.
we were officially on call.
to miss christina aguilera.
the week turned out 4 beautiful songs,four new mates,several new dog loves,fine dining,followed by super mario,apples to apples and a game of pool.
i lost unwaiveringly.
gratefully,i’m a demon at scrabble,and i’ve challenged her to a tournament.
i can never be a better singer than her,but i sure can hope to get the word ‘hexagons’ on a triple word score,you feel me?
i definitely pooped my pants when she first sang out loud in the room with us.
little prickles stood up all over me,and marched first up,then down,then up again.
when i heard ‘beautiful’ in david’s car for the first time,i remember thinking,this is the best song i can remember hearing maybe ever,who is it?
it didn’t surprise me at all when he said ‘christina aguilera’,but it does surprise me that just a few years later,i find myself collaborating with the voice that brought that song to life.
i love her.
she’s a nice person.

sia Sia And Christina Aguilera Are Making Sweet Love

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