Video Shows Anthony Joshua Directly After Charles Martin Knockout


The Youtube description goes on to say:

Video Shows Anthony Joshua Right After Charles Martin Knockout

“ was on hand at the O2 Arena in London, England where undefeated hard-hitting heavyweight Anthony Joshua knocked out former champion Charles Martin to capture the IBF title. Check out the scene as Joshua showed sportsmanship to Martin prior to celebrating his victory!”

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Remember Charlie Bit My Finger? See What The Boys Look Like Today!

The boys from, “Charlie Bit My Finger,” one of the internet’s first genuine viral sensations, are really growing up!

The now iconic Youtube video, featured two brothers, Harry and Charlie, engaged in a little horseplay.

charlie bit my finger grown up 2

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George Michael Busted Again

George Michael may sing “Freedom” but freedom is not what he is enjoying at the moment. Michael was arrested (again) after being pulled over and booked on possession of pot and there’s the little matter of crashing his car into a building.

The popular 80s singer has had many run-ins with the law and was just taken off two-year probation stemming from a 2007 incident, crashing into three parked cars, driving off and not reporting the infraction and then there was the engaging in a lewd act in a public restroom charge in a Beverly Hills in 1998.

Michael shot to stardom in the band “Wham” releasing the huge hit “Careless Whisper” and then went solo writing and recording classics like “Faith” and “Father Figure.”

Sia And Christina Aguilera Are Making Sweet Love

I think Christina is teaming up with a fantastic singer and songwriter.

If you don’t know who Sia is listen to Zero-7 “Destiny” and “Breathe Me”- the song from the end of Six Feet Under.

She can also be seen her in a raw great performance: SIA

Says Sia on her blog:

she is my new best friend
i arrived on a sunday night and fell into bed.
monday morning i discovered it was colder than i had anticipated,and shorts and shirt dresses weren’t going to cut it.As the rain seeped into my converse chucks,i made a note to refer to them as ‘sandals’ in the future.
sam (dixon) and i spent the day discussing valentines,and trying not to buy anything at all,because ‘there is a recession,you know’.
we were officially on call.
to miss christina aguilera.
the week turned out 4 beautiful songs,four new mates,several new dog loves,fine dining,followed by super mario,apples to apples and a game of pool.
i lost unwaiveringly.
gratefully,i’m a demon at scrabble,and i’ve challenged her to a tournament.
i can never be a better singer than her,but i sure can hope to get the word ‘hexagons’ on a triple word score,you feel me?
i definitely pooped my pants when she first sang out loud in the room with us.
little prickles stood up all over me,and marched first up,then down,then up again.
when i heard ‘beautiful’ in david’s car for the first time,i remember thinking,this is the best song i can remember hearing maybe ever,who is it?
it didn’t surprise me at all when he said ‘christina aguilera’,but it does surprise me that just a few years later,i find myself collaborating with the voice that brought that song to life.
i love her.
she’s a nice person.

sia Sia And Christina Aguilera Are Making Sweet Love