Barbie is a JEALOUS betch!

barbapple 225x300 Barbie is JEALOUS of Bratz!


bratz diamondz 112x300 Barbie is JEALOUS of Bratz!

Barbie and her company ‘Mattel’ SUED and SHUT DOWN the Bratz Doll corporation.

Barbie and her betches claim that their former designer Carter Bryant, sketched out and created the zillion dollar Bratz phenomenon while still on contract and working with Mattel.

Bratz had to award Mattel $100 MILLION in damages, and only 5% of the $2 BILLION that Mattel tried to win from Bratz.

Mattel still has enough heart to let Bratz Dolls stay on the shelves for Christmas.

Maybe Mattel needed the money for wasting it on the Lindsay Lohan Doll!!!