So Why Is ‘Cory Bernardi Wank Puffin’ Trending?

Wondering why Cory Bernardi Wank Puffin is trending on social media? So were we.

Here’s the explanation via mashable:

Cory Bernardi Wank Puffin

Who is Cory Bernardi and why are people calling him a wank puffin?

Bernardi has been a vocal opponent to the Safe Schools Coalition, a program aimed to help promote the acceptance of Continue reading

Another Female High School Teacher Arrested For Relations With Student

Another female high school teacher, in a long list of teachers, has been arrested for allegedly having relations with one of her students, according to the Murrieta Police Department.

Shannon Fosgett, 44, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a male student that attended her class.

Shannon Fosgett mug shot

The relationship began with after-hours texting and escalated to a sexual relationship involving intercourse and oral sex Continue reading

Hours After Obama Touts Aussie Gun Laws Sydney Shooter Kills Cops

President Obama was quick to cite Australia’s strict gun laws while demanding more gun control here in the U.S., this on the heels of the recent shooting at an Oregon community college.

But just hours after the President’s comments, a crazed Sydney gunman, dressed in all black, ambushed multiple Special Constables, killing two.

obama college shooting comments

Two people have been killed in a shooting outside a police building in Sydney, Australia. New South Wales Police say the gunman Continue reading

PITCH IMPERFECT! Rebel Wilson Caught In Some HUGE LIES

Pitch Perfect star, Rebel Wilson, was just caught in some blatant lies regarding her real name, her upbringing and her real age! Hint, she didn’t grow up in the ghetto, far from it, and she’s not really 29! She’s pushing 40!

The Australian actress’s real name is not Rebel Wilson, it’s Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, and she didn’t grow up under difficult circumstances like she’s been leading her fans to believe. And she’s not 29, she’s 35. A former classmate spilled the dirt to Woman’s Day.

how old is-rebel-wilson

“According to Rebel Wilson, she’s 29, was raised by dog-training ‘bogan’ parents in the ‘ghetto’ of Sydney, spent a year in Zimbabwe, climbed into a cage with a leopard, got caught in a shoot-out and then struck down by a severe strain of Malaria from a mozzie in Mozambique where, from her ICU bed, she envisioned herself winning an Oscar and rapping her acceptance speech.” Continue reading

INXS Guitarist FINGER RIPPED OFF In Boating Accident

Founding member, INXS guitarist, Tim Farriss may never play his instrument again after having his finger severed in a boating accident.

Farriss, 57, ripped off his finger after getting his hand caught in the vessel’s electric anchor while in boating in Australia.

Tim Farriss photo inxs

Farriss underwent two extensive operations to reattach the finger, but the accident has caused permanent damage to his left hand. Continue reading

Islamist Terrorists Holding 13 Hostages In Sydney Cafe

Islamist terrorists have taken 13 hostages at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney.

Hostages are being forced to stand at the cafe’s window holding the glass windows. Others were seen holding up a black flag with Arabic writing on it.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney hostages

“All we can confirm at this time is that there is a police operation taking place at Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District). Continue reading

Malcolm Young Diagnosis Dementia

AC/DC founding member Malcolm Young is suffering from a pronounced case of dementia and his wife has moved the legendary guitarist into a full-time nursing home in Sydney.

A source close to the band said: “If you were in the room with him and walked out, then came back in one minute later, he wouldn’t remember who you are. He has a complete loss of short-term memory. His wife, Linda, has put him in full-time care.”

Malcolm Young, Angus  1
Continue reading

Kanye West Berates Fans In Wheelchairs After They Don’t Stand Up VIDEO

Kanye West did the unthinkable at his Sydney Qantas Credit Union concert, berating a pair of fans confined to wheelchairs for not standing up.

The embarrassing gaffe lasted a full five minutes, as West refused to start the next song untill the handicapped fans complied. They didn’t.

EXCLUSIVE: Wardrobe Mulfunction! Kanye West suffers major 'Crotch Blowout' during debut Yeezus performance

According to a note posted on and various eyewitness accounts on social media, the rapper was enraged when two fans wouldn’t heed his requests to stand up during his Graduation cut ‘Good Life’. Continue reading

Nicole Kidman Father DEAD After Collapsing In Hotel Restaurant

Nicole Kidman‘s doctor father collapsed and died at a Singapore hotel after his morning workout.

Dr. Kidman, a Sydney psychologist, collapsed when he was inside the Wheelhouse restaurant at the Tanglin Club. He had been staying there while visiting his other daughter, Antonia.

NICOLE FULL OF BOTOX - Nicole Kidman gets into character as Grace Kelly on the set of 'Grace of Monaco' in Italy

A doctor and guests at the hotel who were present tried to resuscitate him before paramedics arrived and he was taken to hospital. Police confirmed that he died at Tan Tock Seng Hospital about 10am and were now investigating the exact cause of death. source

A friend of the family earlier confirmed that Dr Kidman, aged in his 70s, had suffered a fall but did not know any other details.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kidman family.