Founding member, INXS guitarist, Tim Farriss may never play his instrument again after having his finger severed in a boating accident.

Farriss, 57, ripped off his finger after getting his hand caught in the vessel’s electric anchor while in boating in Australia.


Tim Farriss photo inxs

Farriss underwent two extensive operations to reattach the finger, but the accident has caused permanent damage to his left hand. INXS manager Chris ‘CM’ Murphy said the guitarist was seeing a physiotherapist but had so far not regained movement in his finger. “Tim is now home from the hospital with his family and undergoing physiotherapy as part of the recovery process,” Mr Murphy said. “He is getting the best possible care and we hope with time he will regain movement in his finger. “This was a terrible accident, we are all here to support him.” h/t abcau