US Goalie Tim Howard Has A Slew Of Illuminati Tattoos

U.S. Soccer Goalie, Tim Howard, has a full body’s worth on Illuminati tattoos..

The elite tats are not hard to spot, not by a long shot.

tim howard tattoos Illuminati 6

Howard showed off his tattoos on Instagram while giving the public a glimpse of a tattoo artist working on Tim Howard’s latest fresh ink. Liverpool-based tattoo artist Alex Rodriguez did the work. source Continue reading

A-Rod Enjoys The Women

Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod made 25 million on his first huge baseball deal with the Rangers and then the Yankees picked up the contract. What the Yankees forgot to check up on was if A-Rod had a brain left.

Apparantly his brain was in the pants of HOOKERS. Read what Perez posted recently. Although Perez does not report who he got it from, it’s too good of a story to pass up.

Ex-madam Kristin Davis, who most famously found Governer Eliot Spitzerhookers to lay his peen into, has revealed that New York Yankees star sluggerAlex Rodriguez was a client of her escort agency!

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