Paramount UNDER FIRE For 9/11 Themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Posters

Not only did producers of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set a release date in Australia of Sept. 11, they also released an official poster depicting the Turtles falling from a burning skyscraper, reminiscent of the fallen Twin Towers.

The heartless poster has caused an uproar among victims’ families of 9/11, who are still feeling the sting of losing their loved ones.


The studio kept the image on Twitter and on its Facebook page — which has 6.5 million followers — for a couple of hours before social media backlash and “Turtles did 9/11” jokes forced them to take it down. Continue reading

Megan Fox Not Cast in Transformers 3!

Megan Fox with Bumble Bee

BREAKING NEWS! Paramount has announced that Megan Fox will not be joining the Transformers 3 cast! This is weird because Megan was photographed recently with “Bumble Bee” on the Transformers 3 set in a pre-production gathering.

Uh Oh- I wonder who’s choice this was? I can see Megan saying “Eh, like I don’t wanna do Transformers part 3! I’m such a big star now because Michael Bay made me and I want to step on him because he’s a boy!…