Megan Fox Robot Double at 2011 Golden Globes?

Megan Fox was in attendance at last night’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Fox was a presenter, but didn’t present an award, she just announced a preview of the movie“The Tourist”.

M. Fox

Fox did not look like she normally does last night. She has lost at least 10 pounds and has become too skinny, and her face structure has changed in a dramatic way. This is why I kind of think that she has a body double who might be a robot, or another girl that was been hired to act as Fox! LOL!

I put together some comparison photos of her at the Golden Globes in 2010 vs. GG in 2011. You tell me if you think it’s botox and weightloss or, if this isn’t Fox at all! Blade Runner eyes?
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Megan Fox is Hot When She’s Mad

Megan Fox and her new husband Brian Austin Green went to pick up Brian’s son “Kassius”, from Karate lessons in West Hollywood, and the paparazzi seemed to anger not only Megan, but Brian too. A report came out last week that a fan asked Megan for a photo during her dinner time out with Brian, and Brian told the fan to leave and that they (Meg & Brian) don’t take pictures anymore. Maybe they are tired of the attention? Like I always say, they knew what business they were getting into so deal with it! Oh, and if you live or have lived in Hollywood like me, I know that you know exactly where they are in this photo! They better start taking little Kassius to Karate lessons in the Valley :)

Megan’s face looks so cute when she’s mad, but that wt outfit n’ tats combo doesn’t look so good when she’s mad.

Megan Fox

Brian, Kassius & Megan

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Photos: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Have British Twins

British stars Katie Price a.k.a. “Jordan”, and her husband Peter Andre, look identical to U.S. celeb married couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green! Look at the pictures!

Megan Fox Pictured Possible Cocaine in Nose

Oh Megan! Please don’t tell me we have another Lindsay Lohan on our hands! If a picture tells a thousand words then Fox may be able to talk faster if this is what it appears to be collected in her nostril.

Megan was walking the red carpet at of all places, the Teen Choice Awards over the weekend when a crafty photog got this shot of what appears to white powder caked in her nose.

To be fair, I guess there is a chance that it is a booger or Fox is snorting vitamins, however, if it is coke it could explain why she has been making some bad choices as of late, like turning down a major motion picture to do a music video……

Megan Fox Not Cast in Transformers 3!

Megan Fox with Bumble Bee

BREAKING NEWS! Paramount has announced that Megan Fox will not be joining the Transformers 3 cast! This is weird because Megan was photographed recently with “Bumble Bee” on the Transformers 3 set in a pre-production gathering.

Uh Oh- I wonder who’s choice this was? I can see Megan saying “Eh, like I don’t wanna do Transformers part 3! I’m such a big star now because Michael Bay made me and I want to step on him because he’s a boy!…

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Megan Fox in COED Magazine

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

1. Original last name was spelled “F-O-X-X” until her father dropped the second “X.”

2. She has nine tattoos, and is a self-proclaimed “addict” – check out pictures of all her tattoos!

3. Is of Irish, French and Cherokee ancestry.

4. As of 2008, Megan has nine animals: A Pomeranian dog named Sid Vicious, a cairn terrier named Sullivan, a Boston terrier named China, Two Birds (Bowie and Roxy), a Bengal cat named Rosh, an Abyssinian cat named Luna, a Bulldog named Spanky and a potbelly Pig