Chris Brown BEGS For Obama Help Exiting Philippines Video

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Despite reports, Chris Brown is still holdup in a Manila hotel room. And the situation has become so dire, the singer has released a video on social media pleading with President Obama to aid in his departure.. He even performed a backflip to try and help his chances.

Brown reps said he had left the Philippines, but as the video shows, he’s still flipping there.

Chris Brown begging obama to leave Philippines


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Brown never got airborne in Manila — he was turned around literally as his plane was on the runway, because he allegedly tried skipping out on a concert. Think of “Argo,” except the plane doesn’t make it out. The dispute has been brewing for months. Chris was supposed to perform in Manila for New Year’s Eve but was a no show. The promoter says Chris got his million dollar payment and he’s been demanding a refund ever since. Well, Chris went back to Manila for another concert this week, but when he tried to leave the government blocked the flight after the promoter convinced officials what Chris did amounted to theft. So he’s now stuck in Manila, sitting in a hotel room and Instagramming for help from Obama. h/t tmz

We wouldn’t recommend holding your breath..


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