September 15, 2013

Terry Bradshaw Drops F-Bomb LIVE ON AIR

Terry Bradshaw profanity! The NFL living legend dropped the F-bomb live on TV today after being seeming unaware his mic was still HOT returning from a commercial break!terry-bradshaw-disco

The former NFL baller turned TV sports announcer, was speaking to ex-coach turned TV broadcaster, Jimmy Johnson, when he randomly began recalling a whimsical story that included the f-bomb among other expletives.

The naughty snafu occurred during the sunday football warm up show, “FOX Football Daily.”


A live mic caught Terry Bradshaw in the middle of what appeared to be a pretty interesting story during a commercial break in Friday’s FOX Football Daily show.


Find the video below with the following warning that the video contains a well-respected member of the mainstream broadcasting community using profanity live on-air..

[VIDEO] Terry Bradshaw drops f-bomb.


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