Walmart Robbing Moms – Leave Behind Baby

Allison Niemeyer robbed a Walmart, but that was not her biggest mistake… She brought her baby along for the caper…

 Walmart Robbing Moms   Leave Behind Baby


The Florida 19-year-old and her sister, 22, ripped off some clothing and stuffed them into a diaper bag, her baby’s diaper bag…


Upon exiting the store, the sisters were confronted by a security officer and Niemeyer took off, leaving her son with her sister.

That’s when sis also fled, leaving behind the baby and $57.12 worth of merchandise.

The sisters were later arrested at a dance club. Mom was already on house arrest until 2021 because of a home invasion robbery involving a gun, which happened while she was knocked-up.

Niemeyer’s baby is with the Department of Children and Families. Hat tip to the Huffington Post for the find.



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