Jamie Lynn Spears Tweets Deletes ODD Homage To Justin Timberlake!

Jamie Lynn Spears tweeted these weird tweets apparently for Justin Timberlake? Then she deleted that tweet and then wrote another one.. WHICH WAS EVEN MORE CONFUSING – about support and family I DON’T KNOW WHAT! :) I know one thing, artists HATE it when someone says something about time going by and their music LOL. Is there any chance little sister was trying to work a little magic and get these two back together? Are you kidding me? That would take more than magic, that would take a time machine to go back and stop adderall from being invented.enhanced-buzz-25734-1365169744-5


Then she cleared matters up.. NOT!


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Vanessa Hudgens New Boyfriend Zac Knock Off

Zac Efron’s former girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, is now seeing a new pretty guy, who reminds us of Zac-y poo.Hudgens has been spotted kissing and holding hands with all-grown-up child star Austin Butler.

Who is Austin Butler? He’s 20-years-old, 6 ft. tall, blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and he’s from Anaheim, CA. He started out doing atmosphere/background work in shows, after he was discovered at a local fair. He moved up quick in acting, just after starting as an extra. His career took off in 2005, which was a year after being discovered. He has been on Nickelodeon shows Zoey 101 and iCarly. He’s been on Disney shows Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. He’s had roles in a lot of various family TV shows and movies.
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