Meet Matilda The Cat From Another Planet

Matilda was born looking more like an alien spawn than a feline.

Her owners noticed something was different with eyes started squinting. After tracking down her sibling they were able to find out that she has lens luxation, a genetic disorder.

Matilda alien cat eyes 4

“No matter what happens, her servants think she’s perfect and beautiful,” say Matilda’s owners on her blog..

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Fifty Shades Of BROWN?

Fifty Shades of Grey is a box office smash hit, raking in over $30M in only a few days of release, but that hasn’t stopped critics on Rotten Tomatoes from giving the steamy flick a spoiled 27% on the TOMATOMETER..

“Frankly, after watching the film, I felt ambivalent. The film’s not exhausting, at least. It’s not quite fifty shades of dreck.” Elias Savada Film Threat.


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Oscar Pistorius Vomits In Court

Oscar Pistorius did a little curb dancing, a little praying to the porcelain god, alright already, he vomited in court after hearing graphic testimony about the injuries sustained by his former GF, former as in dead GF, he fatally shot her.oscar-pistorius-2

Pistorius repeatedly retched in his seat eventually vomiting several times causing the judge to delay the proceedings for a spell. Continue reading

Simon Cowell 10-DAY-OLD Jetsetting Sunbathing

Simon Cowell new baby is already flying on planes and soaking up the Miami sun, two things doctors strongly advise against..
dog-licking-cowell son-7

Cowell and his new bride, Laura Silverman, continued to parade their new son around the beach until the child exhibited signs of sunburn.. Even letting the family dog lick the baby excessively on the mouth. Continue reading

Identical Twin Quadruplets Shared Mom’s Two Different Placentas

Meet Cash (pictured) Ace, Blaine and Dylan! Healthy identical twin quadruplets born Valentine’s Day at a Houston hospital. One set of identical twins were in one placenta while the other two shared a different one,


Manuel and Tressa Montalvo wanted to give their son a sibling, but it turns out the little boy will now have four brothers.

“We couldn’t have been more surprised when Dr. Kirshon told us we were having four babies and that they were two sets of twins,” Manuel Montalvo said in the statement.

“We were trying for one little brother or sister for our two-and-a-half year old son, Memphis.”

The chances of a having identical twin quadruplets is 1 in 10,000. There’s only a two percent chance of having one set of identical twins.

ht_mom_twins_tk_130218_wblogManuel, 43, and Tressa, 36, planned for their pregnancy. Everything was done the natural way — no fertility treatments or drugs were involved in this birth. The pair was shocked when the doctors first detected a third heartbeat after learning they were having more than one baby. Once they were referred to a specialist, a fourth heartbeat was detected.

The twin quadruplets were born at 31 weeks via C-section. They weighed between three pounds, 15 ounces and two pounds, 15 ounces.

The Montalvos still want one more baby. They want to try for a girl next.

Britney Spears Snapped With Mystery Man

Britney Spears on Valentine’s day with a mystery man… The speculation is – this was a date. I think he looks a bit like Carson Daly!? What do you think? By the way, why is this picture so blurry? This never happens any more! Could it be a controlled leak? ;)


The photos of Britney and John Doe #1 surfaced late last week and TMZ reached out to Britney’s reps multiple times over the course of 3 days — asking a simple question … who’s the dude?

Each time, we were told they were trying to figure it out and would get back to us.

After 8 calls … we’re starting to think they don’t want to tell us … so we’re turning to you. If you have any information as to the true identity of Doe #1, please contact TMZ immediately. tmz






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