Ahmad Rashad To Divorce Johnson & Johnson Heir

Ahmad Rashad has been hitched to former fashion model and heir to the entire damn Johnson & Johnson fortune, Sale Johnson, since 2005, but he is about to kiss that massive fortune goodbye… The couple is calling it quits.


Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra is reporting,

Rashad & Johnson, who share a $5 million home in the luxurious Bears Club in Jupiter, have been living apart for several months and want to work out some financial differences quietly before filing, according to several sources.

Honestly, I really wasn’t aware of this odd pairing until just now! I’m sure they have a very interesting story they could tell with all that money… Fin.

Entire Ring Made From One 150 Carat Diamond

Feast your eyes on this sucker… I must say that on first blush this ring “wowed me” and I haven’t been wowed by anything blingish since the economy tanked… I would venture a guess that if the maker of this monstrosity could rewind to a simpler time, like when Tiger Woods and his old lady were still together, maybe, just maybe, they would have had at least one potential buyer.


Tiger Woods Sky Banner at The Masters: “Tiger Did You Mean Bootyism?”

This isn’t the first embarrassing plane-sky banner I’ve seen. Someone with extra money who likes making people ‘oooh’ and ‘awww’, did it again! It’s kind of mean but kind of fun.

A plane flew over “The Masters” golf tournament in Augusta, GA today with a banner that read: “TIGER: DID YOU MEAN BOOTYISM?” Later, another banner flew over with the words: “Sex addict? Yeah. Right. Me Too!!”

Hey, I think Tiger should still stay in the doghouse a little longer with Jesse James. He deserves a little beating still here and there.