NJ American Idol Hopeful GOLDEN TICKET In Pocket DIES On Way Home

American Idol” hopeful, Natasha Bellott, died in a single vehicle crash on the way home from her audition. Her Golden Ticket found in her pocket.

Bellott, 20, was killed and of her friends were seriously injured after their 2003 Jeep Liberty SUV was involved in a rollover accident on Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania Sunday. The blossoming singer and her friends were on their way back to their New Jersey homes after attending “American Idol” auditions held at Temple University’s Liacouras Center in Philadelphia.

Natasha Bellott american idol 3

Reports say, the driver lost control after passing another vehicle on the shoulder at a high rate of speed, police say a preliminary investigation reveals.  Continue reading

Another Daughter SUES Parents Over College Tuition, This Girl WINS!

A New Jersey judge has ordered two parents to pay for college tuition in a judgement resulting from a case filed against them by their own daughter.

Caitlyn Ricci, 21, sued her parents for her $26,000 bill.

Caitlyn Ricci 4

A judge ruled in Superior Court in Camden that the parents of 21-year-old Caitlyn Ricci should pay $906 of her tuition from the community college she previously attended. Continue reading

SHOCKING RESEMBLANCE! Man Spots HIS OWN FACE In 16th Century Painting!

Can you imagine going to a museum and spotting a painting with your exact face? That’s exactly what happened to a Temple University student by the name of Max Galuppo.

Luckily Max snapped this picture proof! I mean that’s kind of wild! They look exactly alike!

The painting was commissioned in the 16th century by an unknown party and painted by an unknown artist, so Max doesn’t have much to go on as far as finding out who was involved in the creation of this painting…