Jeremy Renner Marriage To Model ENDS In DIVORCE After 10 Months!

After a mere 10 months of married bliss, Jeremy Renner and his wife, Sonny Pacheco, are headed for divorce.

Pacheco was the party requesting the divorce citing irreconcilable differences. She is two decades younger than the a-list actor.

Sonny Pacheco renner 2

A few odd details about the divorce, including the demand of Pacheco that Renner returned her stolen passport, birth certificate, and Social Security card. Continue reading


It’s been a bad year for celebrities when it comes to getting their personal lives revealed on the internet, and now the problem has officially gone from bad to worse.

This time around, a massive Sony leak is said to include celebrity’s most private info, such as social security numbers, addresses and other unthinkables..

brad pitt fury sony hack

The scale of the hack for Sony is said to be Continue reading

Hackers Now Have Sensitive Health Records Of 4.5M People

Many predicted that the ditching of paper medical records could come at a high price, and now that prediction has sadly come true for at least 4.5 million folks.

Hackers hit hospital computers, manned by Community Health Systems, stealing the sensitive medical information of millions and millions of people. waiting room image

CHS, which operates 226 hospitals across the United States, says hackers have broken into its computers and stolen critical data on 4.5 million patients, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, birthdays and phone numbers. Reports say the information that was stolen is definitely enough to mess with people’s identity, open bank accounts, etc. source

The hospital group’s security experts allege the hack came from within China and was very sophisticated. They also say there’s little anyone can do to protect themselves, except guard their personal data. The hospital operator says it will offer identity theft protection to the victims who were affected.

Alexis Neiers Pretty Wild Busted For Heroin [Mugshot]

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Wednesday December 1, 2010. Alexis Neiers, star of the reality show Pretty Wild, was reportedly arrested yesterday after probation officers allegedly found her in possession of black tar heroin during a routine check at her home. Part of the infamous Bling Ring, Neiers is currently on probation for burglarizing actor Orlando Bloom’s home. Alexis could face significant time in prison if she is found in violation of her probation.