THE LOOK OF LOVE! Scott Disick Spotted MAKING OUT With MYSTERY Blonde

Scott “Lord” Disick was having a little too much fun (as usual) after a well planted photog spotted his kissing a mystery blonde smack dab on the lips.

The new pictures show the newly single reality star getting up close and personal with the blonde bombshell in Las Vegas at club 1 Oak.

scott disick kissing mystery blonde 3

Disick, 32, finally dumped, dumpy longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian earlier this.. Continue reading

Kourtney Kardashian GOING GRAY!

Kourtney Kardashian’s hair appears to be going grey! Stress is a major cause of premature grayness and considering the amount of stress she’s going through over her breakup with Scott Disick, she may look like Betty White before the divorce papers are signed..

Kourt was photo’d while she filmed scenes for ‘KUWTK’ in LA on July 14, which begs the question, if the gray wasn’t a put on, then where in the hell is her hairdresser? Or is the reality star simply letting herself go?

kourtney kardashiangoing gray

While Kourtney, 36, has come off calm, cool and collected during the days following her July 6 split from Scott Disick, 32, her hair seems to tell a different story. Continue reading

Rob Kardashian: If I See Scott Disick I’ll Knock Him Out

Rob Kardashian is reportedly so enraged that Scott Disick got physical with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli, and over disrespecting his sister, Kourtney Kardashian that he wants to knock Scott out.

Kardashian, 28, has always had quite the bromance with Disick, 32, but since Disick allegedly cheated on his sister, Kourtney Kardashian, 36, Rob’s view of Scott has changed for the worse.


“Rob just cannot believe that Scott did this to his sister and her family and he says he really wants to knock Scott the f*** out,” a source told Radar Online. Continue reading

Lord Disick Assistant Spotted MOVING Belongs Out Of Kourtney Love Nest

Kourtney Kardashian will have gained a lot of closet space after Scott’s assistant was seen moving boxes of his belongings from the home they recently shared.

Scott’s clothing and other assorted stuff is now on its way to his new Beverly Hills property.

Scott Disick Kendall Jenner Inappropriate

An eyewitness tells ET that Scott’s assistant and a few other people were moving boxes while Scott is in Florida. Continue reading


Kourtney Kardashian sent a poetic salvo (via the press) to her M.I.A. hubby Scott Disick in hopes the lad would return home, but our sources say, Disick is done.

After living out a majority of their married life in front of cameras, (mostly for the Kardashian’s financial gain,) Lord Disick is finally saying ciao to his spoiled, scoul-faced wifey, even telling new friends in Monte Carlo, he’s “newly single.”


Scott hasn’t come home to Calabasas in well over a month and now Kourtney, who has admittedly shown a lot of patience, has commanded TMZ to send Scott a strong message, “You’re fired,” but sadly, Scott had already quit, and this time, for good. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian On Brother Rob: This Is Pathetic!

Kim Kardashian showed her disgust over her brother Rob in the latest clip from the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kim, 34, was speaking to Khloe and her mother Kris when she made the disparaging comments about her sibling.

kim kardashian rob 4

“I think that now what we have to do is everyone back off. Everyone licks Rob‘s ass and does whatever he says. Continue reading

Gossip Cop Goes NUCLEAR On Hollywoodlife: Proven 100 Percent Made Up

We all know by now that is the selfproclaimed guardian of the gossip universe, but did they really have to go so hard against Bonny Faller’s GC is going after the gossip website in a new article that claims HL is flat-out making up its news..

GossipCop called out the popular online rag, pulling no punches, saying Hollywoodlife completely fabricated a story that reported the new name of the Kardashian-Disick offspring.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick named their third child Reign Aston Disick, which is funny because HollywoodLife reported exclusively last week that they were naming the little boy, born December 14, “Jeffrey Robert.” Whoops. Continue reading

Glassy Eyed Scott Disick Caught BACK ON THE BOOZE

Sure, Scott Disick‘s reps said he was clean and sober after being sent to the hospital, nearly poisoning himself with alcohol last month, but judging from this photo, snapped
just last night, the reality star is already back up to his old tricks.

Disick was snapped glassy eyed wineglass in hand as he partied with French Montana and Fat Joe.

scott-disick-French Montana Fat Joe

Interesting that Lord D posted the pic himself. We can’t tell what’s in the glass, but it seems Scott has gotten over the night of severe boozing in the Hamptons about a month ago that sent him to a hospital with alcohol poisoning. Continue reading

The Bikini Pic Kourtney Kardashian Did NOT Want Released

Kourtney Kardashian was just featured in USWeekly displaying her pert bottom in an article entitled, “Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Her Butt in Bootylicious Swimsuit” — The problem is, just one day before the flattering photo was captured, this unflattering photo was snapped.. What a difference a day makes!

Kourtney-Kardashian-in-blue-bikini--02-720x967 Continue reading