Kourtney Kardashian’s hair appears to be going grey! Stress is a major cause of premature grayness and considering the amount of stress she’s going through over her breakup with Scott Disick, she may look like Betty White before the divorce papers are signed..

Kourt was photo’d while she filmed scenes for ‘KUWTK’ in LA on July 14, which begs the question, if the gray wasn’t a put on, then where in the hell is her hairdresser? Or is the reality star simply letting herself go?


kourtney kardashiangoing gray

While Kourtney, 36, has come off calm, cool and collected during the days following her July 6 split from Scott Disick, 32, her hair seems to tell a different story. New photos show the mom-of-three sporting a lock of grey among her brunette tresses, which seems indicative of MAJ anxiety. Poor Kourt!h/t hollywoodlife

While all of the relationship drama might very well be the cause of the 36-year-old’s new silver highlight, or it could also be the outcome of a calculated, dare we say premeditated trip to the salon.