Jennifer Lawrence Lays Down THE LAW On Emma Watson PHOTOBOMB

Jennifer Lawrence took the law into her own hands after Emma Watson tried to crash her solo photo-op at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show in Paris.

Looks like the “Harry Potter” actress could file some sort of class-action suit with Taylor Swift at this point charging Lawrence with Grand Photo Messer-upper-rey.

Jennifer Lawrence emma watson photobomb

The “Hunger Games” star hit up the show with Emma Watson during Paris Fashion Week today and posed all nice and pretty for a slew of photos Continue reading

Chanel Warns Guests: All LOOTERS Will Be Prosecuted

Chanel’s latest publicity stunt was a grocery mall type setting with tons of Chanel products stocking the shelves. Surreal indeed. Invited types got a rude awakening after assuming the items were giveaways. And that’s when the fun came to an abrupt end..

chanel event bummed

Near the conclusion of the event, Chanel announced over a set of loudspeakers, Continue reading

Ben Stiller to receive MTV’s Generation Award

ben stiller Ben Stiller to receive MTVs Generation Award

Tune in to MTV this Sunday, and watch Ben Stiller receive the “prestigious”  Generation Award at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. In an interview with MTV,  Ben waxes poetic about his up and coming trophy, “I am honored. I was given my first show at MTV, and also cancelled for the first time. I also was secretly having an affair with JJ Jackson, so it brings back pleasant memories.”

While  I may not always love every Ben Stiller moment, I can recognize that any man who could pull off the role of “Simple Jack” in 2008′s “Tropic Thunder” should probably win an award every year for the remainder of his life.  So thank you Mr. Stiller, you muh muh muh make me happy.

Ron Silver Has Died

Ron Silver was an actor in a few great GREAT shows like West Wing and Chicago Hope. His best show of all time might just be Heat Vision Jack. HAH.

I do know of the writer of Heat Vision Jack, Dan Harmon (Directed by Ben Stiller). One time I saw him at a party and another time I saw him at Dreamworks in the cafeteria pasta aisle where I made fun of his gut.  He is really funny so check out his blog and check out some vintage Ron Silver in Heat Vision Jack.


Heat Vision and Jack

Heat Vision and Jack (1999) is Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon’s famous ‘failed’ pilot. Despite critical acclaim, directing by Ben Stiller, and a star cast, FOX turned down the chance for Heat Vision and Jack to be made into a TV series.


  • Jack Austin (played by Jack Black): Former employee of NASA, Jack Austin was “exposed to inappropriate levels of solar energy”, causing his brain to expand “like cookie dough”, making him “three times smarter than the smartest man in the world”.
  • Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson): With Jack on the run from NASA agents, he called his roommate Doug for help. However, when Doug arrived on his motorcycle, he was shot with an “experimental ray” by the agents, merging him with his bike.
  • Ron Silver (played by himself): A “very dangerous man, a gifted actor, and a cold blooded killer”. Hired by NASA to stop Jack Austin at any cost.
  • The Sheriff (played by Christine Taylor): At first, The Sheriff wondered how “high” Jack Austin’s rocket ship went when he “got totally baked”, nevertheless she eventually trusts Jack after Ron Silver flips a table at her.

heat vision and jack ron silver Ron Silver Has Died

RIP Ron Silver. You are probably super glad to be in heaven right now!