Frantic Search For Dallas HOMELESS MAN Who Rode In Ebola Ambulance

Authorities in Dallas are frantically trying to locate a homeless man who rode in the same Dallas ambulance that had carried Thomas Eric Duncan, the man stricken with Ebola, to the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital.

There was no reason given as to why or when the homeless man traveled in the ambulance. Authorities have not released the man’s name.

dallas ambulance ebola homeless man

“We are working to locate the individual and get him to a comfortable, compassionate place where we can monitor him and care for his every need for the full incubation period,” Jenkins said in an emailed statement. “I want to emphasize that he is a low risk individual and we are doing this out of precautionary measures.” h/t dallasnews

The ambulance was effectively quarantined last week after Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola. The emergency medical services crew who transported him has been asked to stay home for 21 days or so. All of them have tested negative for Ebola.

Ebola Stricken Travelers Fooling Airport Screeners To Enter USA For Treatment

People in West Africa afflicted with the ebola virus are passing through airport screenings and getting onto planes destined for America by simply lying on a form and dropping ibuprofen to hide fevers.

Ebola-stricken travelers are currently departing Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone by faking out airport screening measures.


“The fever-screening instruments run low and aren’t that accurate,” said infection control specialist Sean Kaufman, president of Behavioral-Based Improvement Solutions, a biosafety company based in Atlanta. Continue reading

My Hometown Hero Henry Lee Summer Arrested

Henry Lee Summer Mugshot

My hometown hero and local celebrity, Henry Lee Summer a.k.a. Henry Swartz, was arrested last night after partying near the Speedway race track in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Henry was pulled over and arrested for not using a turn signal and then throwing a ’substance’ out his window. The substance happened to be a bag meth. Henry is known for his super hit song in 1986 named “I Wish I Had a Girl (Who Walked Like That)”. When I was in a band in Indiana about 5 years ago, Henry had the ‘Henry Lee Summer Band’. We played at some of the same venues and I also associated with his band members. The band members enjoyed the recognition and success of being in his band, but they did NOT enjoy his extreme behavior. A few years ago in 2006, Henry was accused of driving while intoxicated, slamming into several parked cars and fighting with police. Now he’s got an initial court hearing on May 12.

Police reports stated this:
“Indianapolis police said they began pursuing Swartz’s car about midnight Tuesday after officers said he turned onto a road on Indianapolis’ west side without using his turn signal.

According to the affidavit, Swartz slowed down his car but did not stop and then tossed something out of the window as he went around a curve and then came to a halt. An officer used pepper spray to subdue Swartz after police say he resisted arrest.

After officers handcuffed Swartz, one officer returned to the curve and found a box that tests later showed contained about a tenth of a gram of meth.”