Dr. ‘Death’ Drew Patient ‘Shifty Shellshock’ Relapses

“Crazytown” singer, 37-year-old ‘Shifty Shellshock’, whose real name is Seth Binzer, is reportedly in a coma.

**UPDATE** As of Thursday April 5, 2011, TMZ reports that Binzer is no longer in a coma and he is now conscious.

Binzer, who is recently known for being one of many patients of Dr. Drew on “Celebrity Rehab”, reportedly has been in an Intensive Care Unit, and has been ‘completely unresponsive’ since last Thursday. No more information has been given about his condition, as we do not know if his coma is drug-related.
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Billy Mays Had Cocaine in his System


Surprising, disappointing news today as we learn that Billy Mays, the lively TV spokesman who died on June 28, had cocaine in his system. Officials say that Mays had heart disease but the drug contributed to his death. I can honestly say that I did not see that coming.  Even with his rambunctious, loud demeanor, you didn’t take Mays as a cocaine user.  I guess I just can’t read certain people.

The initial autopsy didn’t find any amounts of drugs in his system but the toxicology reports, which were just released, revealed the sad information.  Mays was 50 when he died last month.

Robin Williams in ICU

Comedian Robin Williams is resting in a hospital in South Florida after complaining of shortness of breath.

The outrageous Williams, 57, then canceled four performances of his comedy show “Weapons of Self Destruction.” He had been on an 80-city tour and had done shows in 11 cities in the past few weeks.

Doctors placed Williams in the ICU and advised him to take a week to rest.