Booyakasha! Oscar ‘Blindsided’ By Unapproved Sacha Baron Cohen Ali G Skit

Sacha Baron Cohen’s wild Oscar appearance of his infamous Ali G character was in no way a planned part of the show, and more importantly, was not approved in advance as required by Academy brass.

It was revealed today that Academy Awards producers had no idea Cohen was planning the controversial skit. Cohen claims his wife was employed to sneak in Ali G’s signature beanie cap and assorted accessories including fake goatee. Many on social media speculated that perhaps the impromptu appearance was actually material for an unannounced Ali G sequel.

Sacha Baron Cohen Ali G Skit oscars

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‘The Social Network’ Star Jesse Eisenberg Cast as LEX LUTHOR

Warner Bros. hired ‘The Social Network’ star, Jesse Eisenberg, to portray Lex Luthor in the studio’s upcoming Superman-Batman film.

"Now You See Me" - Los Angeles Special Screening

Eisenberg, 30, was met with a cavalcade of surprise on Twitter Friday. The ’30 Minutes or Less’ actor isn’t known for the kind of villainous gravitas that Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey brought to the role.
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Kaley Cuoco Already Has A NEW FAMOUS BOYFRIEND!!

Kaley Cuoco was dating Superman actor Henry Cavill, until two weeks ago and already the Big Bang actress is back in the dating game! This time hooking up with tennis star Ryan Sweeting! The brand spanking new couple grabbed lunch in Sherman Oaks, California on Saturday while on a PDA mission..

Kaley Cuoco new boyfriend3 is it my imagination or has Kaley experienced some weight gain?
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