MLB Player Removed From Game For Tattoo Sensitivity

MLB player, Elvis Andrus, was removed from out of the Texas Rangers lineup on Thursday because of a tattoo injury! Are you kidding me? Biceps sensitivity?andrustattoo228The tattoo is of Emilio Andrus, his father, who died when Elvis was a young boy. The design was so elaborate that it caused Andrus to miss a day of spring training due to “sensitivity in his left biceps, as reporter Gerry Fraley tweeted. Yahoo!

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‘The Hangover 3’ One Year Away: Will it be worth the pay?

Is it really necessary to announce the theatrical release of the third installment of “The Hangover”, a year in advance? Are fans ‘that’ excited about part 3?

The Hangover movies are tons of fun, but most Hangover fans would agree that the first movie was better than the second. Is there a chance that part 3 could be better than part 2 or even part 1? Hopefully part 3 satisfies fans, but is this soon-to-be trilogy even at the importance level of say… the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? I guess what I’m wondering is, ‘should we even be talking about part 3 at all right now?’

Do you have high expectations for part 3? Are you over the Hangover storyline? Do you think we even need to discuss this topic one year in advance?
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