Lindsay Lohan Drinks Herself Under The Table LITERALLY! (Photo)

Kind of funny and sad to see Lindsay Lohan so drunk in Brazil that she literally hid under the table. I am confident that is where the saying came from, “drink you under the table.”0329-lilo-twitter-4 (1)

LiLo went down on the dirty club floor after hours of drinking shortly after her arrival to Brazil. A Brazilian website said got super drunk and when some fans asked Lindsay for some photos she refused and hid under the table

Yeah, she’s that far gone…

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Vatican Tweets About Batman!

The Vatican seriously tweeted about Batman.

LOL! And the link takes you to the Vatican Communications Office.


Also about Batman! This “mistake” alarmed many a people thinking that the Vatican got hacked. But that’s not the case. A Vatican spokesperson told the Associated Press that the story was posted by a non-native English speaker.

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Demi Moore LAUGHING Hysterically As MORNING FACE MILA Kunis Emerges With Ashton Kutcher

These pictures are actually hard to look at! Holy smokes! The most unflattering pictures I have ever seen of Mila Kunis, by a country mile… Is that what a night of hot sex with Ashton Kutcher will do to a girl’s face? OY! Cancel bucket list number 42…

You know Demi Moore is looking at this post right now laughing her ass off saying, “Look! Ashton’s taking the dog for a walk!”

Mila is cool and all, but you got to admit that Demi Moore is a REAL beauty, even at her age that bitch beats Mila in the looks department…

DOLLAR MENU MITT! Romney Spotted At McDonald’s BEFORE Obama Lunch Date

Apparently Mitt Romney is either a very hungry person or he simply didn’t trust whatever they were going to feed him at the White House because as this picture shows, Romney dined at McDonald’s shortly before meeting the president for lunch!

We don’t know exactly what Romney ordered, but we know one of the item was a McFlurry milkshake. I think it’s safe to say Mitt didn’t have to order off the dollar menu.

New Soft Drink Contains Cocaine

La Paz, Bolivia, - January 18, 2011. View of the new drink 'Coca Brynco', in La Paz, Bolivia, 18 January 2011. A private company along with the support of Evo Morales Government offers the drink 'Coca Brynco', the first soda for consumption, produced by coca leaves in Bolivia. EPA/Martin Alipaz fotoglif913671 Need a lift? Thinking about a cold soft drink pick-me-up? Get ready to get lifted, very high. Introducing “Coca Brynco” Bolivia’s answer to Coke, and unlike Coke, this product is actually made from coca leaves which are used in the process of cocaine manufacturing… The Bolivian government has given the product their stamp of approval which is produced by a private company. Continue reading