Meet Hobby Lobby Holly: CAUTION LIBERALS Your head May explode

Holly Fisher is a young mother who has earned the nickname “Hobby Lobby Holly,” after posting the following photo on Twitter..

Fisher says a Chick-fil-A and a Hobby Lobby are located right next to each other, so she took the opportunity to post a photo of herself posing in front of Hobby Lobby while holding a Chick-fil-A cup, wearing a pro-life t-shirt. Pop!


On the day of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow small companies with religious objections to decide not to provide certain kinds of birth control as part of their insurance, Fisher was wearing a “pro-life” shirt and she and her husband went to the fast-food chain, whose leadership has taken a stance against gay marriage. Continue reading

Bank Robber’s T-Shirt Correctly Predicts His Future

An Idaho couple suspected of robbing a western Idaho bank got arrested after officials received an anonymous tip about someone matching the description of the thieves spending a lot of cash at a local casino.


Rocky Fisher, 35, and Jennifer Balfe, 19, were arrested as they walked out of a motel room..

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WATCH: Star Wars ‘Princess Leia’ Buying DRUGS?

During a weeklong investigation by The NY Post, Carrie Fisher, a.k.a., Princess Leia from “Star Wars” was spied visit a ghetto dope spot located in a seedy Hollywood apartment.. It wasn’t that long ago that Fisher’s costar, Mark Hamill was caught going through a public garbage cans searching for cigarette butts.1362756718_mark-hamill-carrie-fisher-harrison-ford-lg

The Post observed a messy-mopped Fisher, 57, hardly looking regal in a giant black trench coat, waiting in her car while one of two women rushed down from the apartment to hop in the passenger seat for no more than 30 seconds at a time. Continue reading