Amanda Bynes was arrested on Sunday, 29th of September, 2014, in the morning at 3:00 a.m., on charges of driving while intoxicated.

Police “determined she was under the influence of a controlled substance” and charged her with a misdemeanor.


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ENTIRE Reese Witherspoon DASHCAM Video LEAKED Enhanced

Talk about arrogance! That cop! Just kidding! Reese Witherspoon tried just about every trick in the book in order to get her hubby off of the hook – except the one that probably would’ve worked, crying! Why on gods’ green earth didn’t the actress break out the waterworks? But that cop obviously plays by the book but there is one point early on in the video (00:30) when looks at Reese and you can practically read his mind, “Holy s**t, that’s cruel intentions,” Shortly there after Reese’s hobby throws her under the bus.

reese enhanced

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Reese Witherspoon DASHCAM VIDEO Released

How do you like them apples! And by apples I mean Reese Witherspoon getting her ass arrested! She says some fairly funny stuff in her effort to get her hubby and then herself off the hook! Reese appeared on ABC news this morning in a preevent move knowing this tape would be released sometime this evening. I like how the cop arrests Reese and then her husband says “I had nothing to do that,” totally selling her out!! DOUCHE!

reese withspoon

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Reese Witherspoon LIED To Law Enforcement ‘I’m PREGNANT!’ [VIDEO!]

Wow! And everybody thought that Reese Witherspoon was such the girl next-door.. NOT! AND Not only did the disgraced actress throw a drunken rage while her hubby was getting arrested, she also lied to law enforcement by telling the cops she was pregnant! It all came out in the in wino wash as Witherspoon spoke today to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Reese told George a lot of “crazy things” were said that night, and one of those ‘things’ was a HUGE down right LIE about being pregnant! And guess what folks? There’s a LAW against lying to law-enforcement during an investigation! That’s right! And guess what double? It’s punishable by jail! No word on if Atlanta cops will be following up on Witherspoon’s lying ways..

reese withspoon
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Cops Set To Release Drunken Reese Witherspoon Racial Tirade?

Reese ‘one too many‘ Witherspoon, managed to make it through most of her adult life without getting herself arrested, So Cheers on that! Well maybe that was a poor choice of words.. From what I understand, officials not only released a much clearer mugshot picture of the star, they will also be releasing a tape in which Witherspoon can be heard calling the arresting officers some very awful things… But did it get racial? Stay tuned.. Well Reese, good thing you married your agent! He’s a drunk and maybe he just helped you end your career! Now Reese is royally kissing up to authorities by releasing an overly apologetic statement, in hopes they will forgo releasing the audio and video of her embarrassing arrest.. Let’s hope that ploy don’t work on law enforcement!


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