Floyd Mayweather Drops $15M On New Diamond Jewelry

Champion boxer, Floyd Mayweather is claiming to have dropped $15 million on some new diamond jewelry.

According to a Mayweather rep, one of the rings is 50 carats while the smaller necklace is made up of 74 diamonds, each one being three carats each.

Floyd Mayweather Drops $10M On New Diamond Jewelry

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AZ Man Trades $160,000 Diamond For Two Joints

File this under the world’s dumbest criminals.. An Arizona man traded a diamond worth at least $160,000 – for $20 worth of marijuana, roughly the equivalent of two joints.

Walter Earl Morrison, 20, of Phoenix, whose job it was to unload UPS cargo planes, stole the rare diamond and then traded it to a local drug dealer for a few grams of pot. He has since been charged with felony theft.

Walter Earl Morrison

A spokesperson for UPS told KNXV that the diamond was recovered and delivered to its intended customer. Morrison was fired.

Morrison is scheduled to appear in Phoenix’ Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday.



How embarrassing, rapper Tyga just got all of his bling repossessed! It’s common for entertainers to sport outrageous jewelry that doesn’t actually cost them a single penny. Some ritzy jewelry stores are chomping at the bit for a chance to adorn a celebrity in one of their products or creations, but make no mistake about it, most of it is on loan, which means you have to give it back at some point or pay for the merchandise.. According to TMZ, that’s exactly what happened to rapper Tyga.
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Russian METEOR DIAMOND FIND Yields TRILLIONS of Carats – Renders Gem Worthless?

The Russian Academy of Sciences revealed that a meteor crater discovered in eastern Siberia contains “many trillions of carats” of diamonds… This amazing find is so humongous it could render diamonds virtually worthless. Diamonds are more than just something installed in jewelry, they are also used extensively for industrial and technological purposes. The haul will far exceeding the currently known global deposits of conventional diamonds…

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Floyd Mayweather Engagement Ring A Trinket – Compared To This Rock

This is the ring Floyd Mayweather put on his fiance’s finger and it surly proves his love for this woman and it also proves how deep the pockets are for Team Money. Now I know I’d sound jealous if I said anything about the rock not being a chart topper, it certainly is fantastic, but did Floyd give his lady the ultimate diamond engagement ring? Not by a long shot…

Floyd’s little trinket ring employs metal jointing to keep its diamonds intact:
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Katy Perry Uses ‘Castle Programming’ at 2012 Kids Choice Awards

Katy Perry, who was a guest and musical performer at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards last night, wowed everyone again with her hypnotizing outfits, and also mesmerized them with her ‘gravity defying’ musical performance.

Perry’s recent divorce with Russell Brand hasn’t seemed to cramp her style, nor has she seemed upset about the split. Perry is going on with business as usual, except for the quick change she may have made- rearranging the entire performance at last night’s Kids Choice Awards show.
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Entire Ring Made From One 150 Carat Diamond

Feast your eyes on this sucker… I must say that on first blush this ring “wowed me” and I haven’t been wowed by anything blingish since the economy tanked… I would venture a guess that if the maker of this monstrosity could rewind to a simpler time, like when Tiger Woods and his old lady were still together, maybe, just maybe, they would have had at least one potential buyer.