San Andreas Fault EARTHQUAKE SWARM Stokes Fears Over THE BIG ONE

A swarm of over 200 earthquakes, measuring 4.0 and under, occurring deep under the Salton Sea began rupturing near Bombay Beach, and continued for more than 24 hours.

The quakes have garnered intense concern among seismologists who noted the seismic events marked only the third time since earthquake sensors were installed there in 1932.


The quakes occurred in one of California’s most seismically complex areas. They hit in a seismic zone just south of where the mighty San Andreas fault ends. It is composed of a web of faults that scientists fear could one day wake up the nearby San Andreas from its long slumber. Continue reading

Mystery Explosion Rocks New Jersey Shore

Countless residents of the Jersey Shore have reported hearing a loud boom, possible two, then felt the ground shake under their feet.

The noise rattled residents at about 1:30 p.m. NJ time and was reported as far north as Lakewood and as far south as Vineland.

new jersey boom

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, who track earthquakes, there has been no reported earthquake activity. Continue reading

Bright Light Streaks Across Los Angeles! What Was It?

Via Mashable: A bright light that streaked across the night sky in Los Angeles Saturday night had people gasping from Hollywood to Long Beach.

Amazed skywatchers—some as far away as San Clemente and Las Vegas— saw what looked like a blue spotlight and promptly took to social media to freak out. But the light source was far from otherworldly. It was caused by a military exercise off the California coast, a Coast Guard spokesperson told Mashable after receiving a number of frantic calls. The Navy was testing rockets at Point Mugu Naval Air Station.

Bright Light Streaks Across Los Angeles

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BREAKING: 7.9 Earthquake Strikes Chile

A Magnitude 7.9 earthquake has struck 71km WNW of Illapel, Chile.

Tsunami warnings to follow.

7.9 Earthquake Chile

Data Source AT1
Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (-76.9, -36.5, -66.9, -26.5)
31.500°S 71.900°W depth=33.0 km (20.5 mi)
2015-09-16 22:54:26 (UTC)
2015-09-16 15:54:26 (UTC-07:00) in your timezone
Times in other timezones
Nearby Cities
71km (44mi) WNW of Illapel, Chile
93km (58mi) WNW of Salamanca, Chile
120km (75mi) SSW of Ovalle, Chile
123km (76mi) NNW of La Ligua, Chile
246km (153mi) NNW of Santiago, Chile

7.9M Earthquake 2 Chile

Brown Family OUTRAGE As Bobbi Kristina Deathbed Photo Emerges

Bobby Brown‘s sister Leolah is outraged over news that broke saying someone is hawking a photo of Bobbi Kristina reportedly laying in her deathbed.

Apparently, the person selling the photo is an extended family member.

Bobbi Kristina Death Bed Photo 3

Leolah is reacting to reports that someone got into Bobbi Kristina’s room, snapped a photo and is selling it to websites and magazines. Continue reading