Tucker Carlson SCORES His Own Nightly FOX NEWS Show

Host Tucker Carlson will be replacing Brit Hume at 7 p.m., scoring Greta Van Susteren‘s coveted nightly slot on Fox News. Greta left earlier this year after failing to renew her contract. Carlson will begin broadcasting Nov. 14th.

Carlson, 47, is taking over the 7 p.m. ET time slot that Hume had filled after Van Susteren departed in early September.


A Fox News spokesperson declined comment when asked about the plan for Carlson on Wednesday. But word that the program is close to a done deal is already making its way around Washington circles. Carlson will be the first major talent hire since former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes was forced out of the company over sexual harassment allegations. Continue reading

Donald Trump Tweets On Megyn Kelly Return: The bimbo’s back in town

After a mandated 10-day vacation, Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly returned to her job and a tweet from Donald Trump.

Kelly resumed her hosting duties on The Kelly File following some badly needed R & R, but Trump didn’t let a little thing like that get in the way of slamming her on her return by tweeting,

Donald Trump arrives to his Comedy Central Roast in New York, Wednesday, March 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

“The bimbo back in town . I hope not for long .” Continue reading

Megyn Kelly Receiving DEATH THREATS Over Debate Debacle

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who tried to thump Trump during the recent Republican debate, is now receiving a boatload of hate, including death threats via social media.

In a debate debacle, the likes not seen since Candy Crowley incorrectly contradicted then candidate, Mitt Romney, Kelly, and her ambush style of moderating, has caused Fox boss, Roger Ailes, to personally issue Donald Trump an apology.

megyn kelly trumop debate

For a few days, Ailes didn’t know how to handle Trump’s full-throated attack on Kelly, who accused Trump of sexism during the debate. Continue reading

American Express President DEAD After Becoming Ill On Flight

Ed Gilligan, the President of American Express has died after becoming “seriously ill” on a flight from Japan to New York.

Gilligan, who has been with the company for 35 years, started as an intern and worked his way to the top.

Ed Gilligan dies

“This is deeply painful and frankly unimaginable for all of us who had the great fortune to work with Ed, and benefit from his insights, leadership and enthusiasm,” Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express, wrote in a memo to all employees. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Lisa, and their four children – Katie, Meaghan, Kevin and Shane. He was a proud husband and father, and his love for his family was evident in all that he did.” h/t mashable

American Express spokesperson, Marina Norville, said she had yet to hear “final word” on the illness that led to Gilligan’s death.