MEN’S WEARHOUSE GUY FIRED! TMZ is reporting that the guys from the endlessly running suit shop chain commercial, George Zimmer, was let go! As in fired!

Zimmer said in a statement released to CNBC,


“Instead of fostering the kind of dialogue in the Boardroom that has in part contributed to our success, the Board has inappropriately chosen to silence my concerns through termination as an executive officer.”

I hate it when that happens!

Reportedly, the Men’s Wearhouse’ board did not like the way George Zimmer “looked” as executive chairman! But how can that be with his famous guarantee? “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

The famously-bearded Zimmer FOUND the company in 1973 and has served as the spokesperson ever since, who can forget the haunting words, “You’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.”

The company announced the termination in a blunt statement … and explained, “The board expects to discuss with Mr. Zimmer the extent, if any, and terms of his ongoing relationship with the company.”

Sounds like a pretty nasty breakup, I guarantee it.

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