Bret Michaels ROBBED Of Personal Items in New Hampshire

Poison rocker, Bret Michaels is saying two thieves stole “personal items” while he was performing in Hampton Beach Thursday night.

Michaels released a screen capture taken from a Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom security system.  The photo, which he posted on his Facebook page, showed two men being sought for the theft.

Bret Michaels robbed Hampton Beach Casino

According to the post, the items taken included cellphones and other personal effects. Michaels said no questions will be asked if the items are returned within 24 hours to Fred Shaake at the venue. Continue reading

FIRST Fired On Celebrity Apprentice ALL STAR CRIES Uncontrollably!

I don’t know what’s more shocking, the fact that Bret Michaels got eliminated first on the very first episode of Celebrity Apprentice or the fact that he broke down and cried like a big baby after he was booted off! Don’t forget! Bret was reigning champ!


Trump did not think Michaels made the right move by returning to “Celebrity Apprentice” for the “All-Star” season, and he made no bones about it. Before the show premiered, Trump told the women of “The View” he didn’t think it was a smart move for Michaels, who won the third season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” to come back to the show and risk going out a loser.


And guess what? HE GOT BOOTED! And now it has emerged that the Every Rose Has a Thorn singer was distraught at the news – and ‘couldn’t stop crying’. 



Out: Despite his winning history, Bret Michaels was the first castoff from the new series of Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars ‘Bret was crying and totally distraught after he was fired,’ ‘Bret totally went into the show believing he was going to win again,’ the source said.


‘He couldn’t believe it that he was let go so quickly. It was brutal to watch him freaking out the way he did.’

Boo-hoo poor Bret! Grow up man!

Miley Cyrus Nixes Bret Michaels Thorn Song From AMAs

The AMAs have not even gone off yet and the drama dump truck is already backing up. This time it’s TMZs report of Miley Cyrus nixing a planned performance of a song written by Bret Michaels, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on the American Music Awards.

The TMZ report says “A source connected with the production says the rundown for the show — which includes the song list — changed on Thursday and that’s when Miley’s version of “Every Rose” disappeared. A second source close to the show confirmed the last minute change.”

Many see can’t help but wonder if Cyrus cutting Michael’s’ song was in some way, symbolic, as the Cyrus maternal unit is rumored to have had an affair with Michael’s, which in turn resulted in the Cyrus’ pending divorce.

Bret Michaels Tour Buses Busted for Drugs in Indiana

Bret Michaels

About 60 miles just North of Fort Wayne, Indiana, in DeKalb County, Bret Michael’s 2 tour buses were stopped by police, and then searched by K-9 drug dogs! Bret’s tour was on their way to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan for a show at “Kewadin Casino”.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said Bret was onboard one of the two tour buses when cops made the stop at around 11:30 PM Wednesday night. K-9s sniffed the busses and found marijuana on the bus that Bret was on. The police searched the 2nd bus that Bret was not on, and found “Schedule II controlled substances” inside, and the police said “they were illegal drugs”.

The police issued citations, but no arrests were made. The case is being forwarded to DeKalb County prosecutors.

I wonder why they buses were stopped in the first place? Bad bus driver? Bored policemen? I’m Glad Bret got off the hook!

Brett Michaels Pushing Self To Hard?

Considering Brett Michaels’ string of medical problem, is a live appearance on Celebrity Apprentice tonight- a little too much, a little too soon? We will all have to wait for the live broadcast to see if Michaels slumps over in a heap before we can answer that question.

There are reports that a medical crew will be close to Michaels at all time during filming, however, what about after the show is over? Will Michaels insistence on completing his job on Trump’s TV show pay a toll on him in the days and weeks ahead? What do you think? Should Brett be working this soon after his, appendectomy, brain hemorrhage and stroke?