ACTIVE SHOOTER Reported at 7th Heaven Music Store Kansas

Kansas cops are responding to reports of an active shooter at 7th Heaven music store located at 7621 Troost Avenue.

According to police, “shots fired” have been reported inside the business. No reports of injuries have yet been released.

7th Heaven shooting

From business website: For over 40 years, 7th Heaven has been Kansas City’s largest premier smoke shop, offering a vast array of tobacco smoking accessories from glass handpipes and waterpipes, to the newest cutting-edge vaporizers and oil rigs. Continue reading

Chiefs Fans Break Seattle’s Crowd Noise Record 142.2 Decibels

Kansas City Chiefs fans attending Monday’s night game at Arrowhead Stadium against the New England Patriots, broke the all-time record for the loudest fans at an outdoor venue in all of sports.

KC Fans broke the record last season, and then lost it to the Seattle Seahawks, but tonight they outdid themselves by reclaiming the record registering a staggering reading of 142.2 decibels in the first half of the game.

Kansas City Chiefs crowd noise 3

Compare that to a jet engine at about 140 decibels. Continue reading

KC Chiefs SECOND Murder Suicide Since September

The Kansas City Chiefs’ season just went from bad to worse with the murder suicide of their running back, Jovan Belcher, but get this, this is not the first murder suicide in the Chiefs organization, matter-of-fact, there was another just back in September!

On labor day, an employee of the Chiefs was involved in a murder suicide shooting, this time in Tampa, Florida, Luis Angel Robertson Rodriquez worked in the Chiefs’ organization mainly in the stadium operations. On that night, Rodrigues killed himself after killing his girlfriend 31-year-old, Jamie Kristine Kimble.

The Tampa Bay cops discribed the scene like this,

The suspect and victim began arguing in the suspect’s car after he picked her up from the airport on Sunday evening. The suspect punched her several times in the vehicle.

The victim jumped out of the car on Cypress Street just West of Westshore Boulevard. The suspect then shot and killed the victim. The suspect then drove his car a short distance and shot himself. He later died at a Tampa hospital. The victim and suspect were dating.

Let’s just hope that tragedy doesn’t strike in threes for the Chiefs.

NFL Player Murders Girlfriend And Commits Suicide In Front Of Coach

A NFL player playing with the Kansas City Chiefs has committed a murder suicide! The still unknown player shot his girlfriend at his residence and then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and killed himself.

The Chiefs have released the following statement:

We can confirm that there was an incident at Arrowhead earlier this morning. We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.

The entire arrowhead facility is on lockdown.

Reports from the facility say the player confronted coach in the parking lot before putting the gun to his own head and killing himself.

Teen Buys Polaroid Camera At Garage Sale Finds Picture Of Dead Family Member Inside

A 13-year-old Kansas boy and his grandma purchased a Polaroid camera at a garage sale and got the shock of their lives after discovering it contained a picture of a long-dead family member…

Addison Logan said he bought the camera for $1 at a Wichita garage sale with his grandma, Lois, and when they got home he removed the camera’s cartridge and discovered a picture of a man his grandma says is her son! The man died 23 years ago in a traffic accident.

The man pictured is Scott Logan and his high school girlfriend and was taken circa 1979.

The folks running the garage sale said that they couldn’t remember where the Polaroid came from and that it just sort of “appeared one day”.

The dead man’s family says the picture is really Scott trying to communicate with them, “It’s almost like he’s reaching out to us, saying he’s still with us,” said Blake Logan, Addison’s father., “When you get something like that, that’s almost like a sign telling us, ‘Hey, everything’s all right, I’m still here.’”