New Drudge Report App On iPad Update

The Drudge Report may be one of the most popular websites on earth, but when it comes to the iPad app, it is roundly disliked.

Out of over 500 reviews in the Apple app store, the Drudge Reports scores a paltry 1 star out of a possible 5, and the latest update for ISO 8 will do nothing to improve that score. You could say, if anything, it’s going sideways.

drudgereport app fail

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Forget #BendGate Say Hello To #HairGate! iPhone 6 Snagging Users’ Hair

Remember #BendGate? Well there’s a new ‘gate‘ in town for iPhone 6 users and it is absolutely hair-raising if not downright irritating.

iPhone 6 users are flooding 1-800-My-Apple, but not because of the claim the pricey cell phone is bending, this time it’s a lot more personal.

hairgate iphone 6

Say hello to #HairGate. iPhone 6 customers are complaining on social media that their new phones keep ripping out chunks of their hair when they hold the phone up to their ear to take a call. h/t businessinsider

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U2 Releases Odd Album Artwork

In anticipation of the physical release of U2‘s Songs of Innocence album, the band has released some artwork, including Glen Luchford‘s strange cover image of Larry Mullen Jr, depicted protecting his 18-year-old son.

The Mullen “all in the family” artwork is supposed to resonate with their 1979 debut album Boy – and the album War, four years later.

Larry Mullen Jr, protecting his 18year old son

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New iPhone 6 BENDING Under Pressure

If you plan on placing your new iPhone 6 in your pocket or purse, make sure you don’t sit down or cause any mildly undue pressure on it, because it may bend.

iPhone users are discovering the new, ultra thin iPhone 6, may bend if stressed, and Apple does not cover the condition under warranty. The cost of repairing bent iPhones can run several hundred dollars.

iphone bends 3

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Hoax Prompts Users To Charge iPhone In Microwave Oven

A hoax advertisement appearing on the internet told users of Apple‘s newly released iOS 8 that they could now quickly charge their iPhone using a household microwave oven.

The prank ad posted online said, “Microwaves can be used to quickly charge your device’s battery using any standard household microwave.”


The ad had the look and feel of other Apple ads, and that was enough for several gullible people to fall for it and fry their phones. Some posting the results on Twitter. Continue reading

Joan Rivers Posthumously Promotes iPhone 6 On Facebook

In a gaffe of ghostly proportions, Joan Rivers posthumously promoted the new iPhone on her Facebook.

The eerie and downright creepy post, which appeared briefly on River’s Facebook page THIS MORNING, may have been a pre-negotiated deal with Apple or Steve Jobs is recruiting dead celebrities.


The post has since been removed. Continue reading

Charlie Rose Asked Tim Cook Why Apple Bought Beats, And His Answer Might Surprise You

Apple core, Tim Cook speaking to Charlie Rose on why he made the decision to buy Beats.

In the clip, Cook says he was sold on the deal, not soleing on selling the popular headphone, but more so because of their profitable subscription music service. Recurring billing ya’ll!


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