Michael Jackson as a Father!

Michael Jackson was known as many things, a Entertainer, a Icon, a Brother and so much more. But to his beautiful kids Paris Katherine and Prince Michael he was known as “Daddy”. The most tear jerking moment of yesterdays memorial was to hear those words come out of his daughters mouth as she described him as, “The Greatest Father Ever”.

In the latest issue of WHO Magazine, we get a rare glimpse behind the doors or Michael’s home with his beautiful kids.

Michael Jackson “This Is It” Tour Rehearsal To Become Album

This is it, no really, this is it.

Michael Jackson left concert promoter AEG Live with a valuable commodity, his final performance.

The death of Jackson surely meant concert promoter, AEG, would take a big bath after sinking millions into the now-defunct “This Is It” tour, or would they?

It has been learned AEG, as part of the deal with Jackson, was taping his rehearsals including Jackson’s eve-of-death performance at the Staple Center, in pristine, multi-camera high-definition and multi-track audio.

The DVD was suppose to be the spawn of Jackson’s “This Is It” tour, however, the recordings are now planned as the main event, and what an event it will be.

Online retailer, Amazon, sold out of its entire stock of Michael Jackson related materials, in mere minutes after his death from heart failure on Thursday. If Jackson’s post-death record sales are any indication of how this final performance might sell, then AEG just hit the jackpot.

The DVD/CD would include Jackson’s last full rehearsal, singing all his hits live on stage surrounded by dancers and acrobats and at times suspended from a crane.

Would you buy this Album/ DVD?