Babysitting Grandma ARRESTED After Pair Of PIT BULLS MAUL Toddler To DEATH

Sandra Bowers Adams, a Hartwell, GA., grandmother, has been arrested after a 20-month-old child in her care was mauled to death by two pit bulls.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation says, Adams, 70, has been charged with second degree murder, cruelty to children in the second degree, and involuntary manslaughter.

Hartwell Police Chief Anthony Davis said the child was “brutally mauled” by two pit bulls while at his grandmother’s home. Continue reading


So you’re planning an epic sleepover and you’re looking for the best flick to play for movie time? Never fear because we have your top 10 list of the best movies for your special night.

Mom said “no” to Fifty Shades Of Grey? Well these are the best of the best so when picking from this list be assured you’ve picked the right parent-approved movie for your crazy-fun night ahead.


Goonies, PG, 114 minutes
If you’re hosting a sleepover, you’ll be a hero by turning on this action/fantasy about a cadre of adventure-seeking kids on the run, treasure maps, death-defying close calls and impaled skeletons. What we all remember and love about the Goonies is that they “never say die!” and their bond can’t be broken. Continue reading

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Final Movie (Video)


Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last movie shown here in the form of a trailer.. Friends and family are gathering the news now. Hoffman had been complaining of various ailments recently. It was widely known the actor had drug issues.

He was in rehab last year for heroin. Was this was an accident waiting to happen? He was only was 46!

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Jennifer Hudson Obnoxious WARDROBE MALFUNCTION..

Jennifer Hudson appearing on the Chelsea Lately program whilst experiencing a major zipper of a wardrobe malfunction. Handler, who may just be the most obnoxious person on TV if not in the entire world, sort of helped Hudson resolve her zipper issue. Where are a good pair of vise grips when you need them?

Jennifer Hudson wardrobe malfunction Chelsea lately Jennifer Hudson Obnoxious WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.. Don’t bother looking for the uncensored picture, a good shot of Jennifer’s goods was never obtained, except for the image securely embedded in Handler’s mind..

Jennifer Hudson wardrobe malfunction Chelsea lately 2 Jennifer Hudson Obnoxious WARDROBE MALFUNCTION..

Sorry folks, this reeks of a pre-planned, movie promoting wardrobe malfunction.. Let’s face it, Chelsea cannot act, and as for the Oscar-winner, Hudson, she did an okay acting job.