Who Is Pearl Gonzalez? And What Do BREAST IMPLANTS Have To Do With UFC?

A woman’s UFC battle in New York will proceed after prior reports it had been dropped because of one (or both) of the members’ bosom inserts may rupture.

TMZ initially gave an account on April 7, the day preceding UFC 210 in Buffalo, that the New York State Athletic Commission, had pulled Pearl Gonzalez, 30, from her session with Cynthia Calvillo.

The NYSACA’s guidelines say, “Due to the concern over rupture, boxers who have breast implants are not eligible to box in New York.” Gonzalez had planned to make her big UFC appearance in the battle. White said in a tweet, “STOP listening to web sites and whoever. If u don’t hear it from us it’s probably not true. Continue reading

UFC FIRES Thiago Silva Over Threatening Gun Video

The UFC has again fired Thiago Silva over footage that surfaced of the fighter holding a firearm while accusing his wife of hiding a man in his residence.

The video, which was filmed by Silva’s estranged wife Thaysa, depicts Thiago in 2014 pulling out a handgun and accusing her. At one point, Thaysa says she’s recording so officials would have proof in case he killed her.

Thiago Silva 5

Silva was recently let off the hook in Florida — where he was accused of pulling a gun on Thaysa at a martial arts studio and threatening to kill her in February — because prosecutors said they didn’t have enough evidence to get a conviction. Continue reading