Sharkwater Director Mysteriously Missing FOUND DEAD On Bottom Of Ocean Floor.

Rob Stewart, the director of acclaimed documentary ‘Sharkwater’ has been located dead after mysteriously disappearing while on a deep dive off the coast of Key Largo on Tuesday.

For 72 hours, crews scoured the ocean. On Friday, shortly after the search for Stewart was suspended, divers found his body on the bottom of the ocean floor.

On the morning of Tuesday, January 31, filmmaker and shark conservationist Rob Stewart boarded a dive boat docked at Caloosa Cove Marina on the tiny isle of Islamorada, just south of Key Largo. The 37-year-old had one goal, to find the illusive sawfish, an impossibly cute, cartoonish creature of the deep with the body of a shark and a beak that best resembles a chainsaw. Continue reading