WATCH: Calls To BOYCOTT NETFLIX Over RACIST “Dear White People” Trailer

Netflix is hemorrhaging countless customers after releasing what many are calling a racist trailer on Youtube for their series “Dear White People.” The trailer, which has amassed over 2.5 million hits, has also garnered a massive amount of “dislikes,” or “thumbs down.”

The movie streaming company, who also produces their own content, is reportedly losing thousands of customers after debuting the trailer for controversial Netflix original series, Dear White People. The video has received over 280,000 dislikes after being posted to Youtube for only 24 hours. Some claim Netflix is currently deleting huge numbers of negative comments and dislikes from the video.

Preserved are some of the thoughts of youtubers who had their comments deleted:

‘Not reverse racism, it’s just plain racism. Bye Netflix!’ while another added: ‘Amazon Prime is the new Netflix, and its better. Goodbye Netflix, enjoy your racism.’ Continue reading

Netflix SHUTTERS Red Envelope Call Center In OR.

The demand for Netflix‘ red envelope DVDs has dropped dramatically, compared to that of 2011, which is why the company is now closing a call center in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The Netflix call center focused on servicing its DVD subscription business, now they will let go the 188 employees that remained. The Hillsboro facility opened in 2006 and quickly staffed up to around 300.


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New On Netflix: Sons Of Anarchy Django Unchained And Lots More In October

Need a few good movies and TV shows to binge watch along with that Pumpkin Spice latte? Netflix has got you covered.

Here is the full list debuting throughout the month of October.


TV Shows:

“The 100,” Season 1″ (Available Oct. 22)
“Arrow,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 8)
“The Carrie Diaries,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 23)
“Freakshow,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 23)
“The Following,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 7) Continue reading

New NETFLIX Movies For JUNE!

Get your popcorn and pop tarts ready because here’s what’s slated to be released on Netflix throughout the month of June!

Apocalypse Now Redux netflixFor your viewing pleasure, here’s a list of every single movie being added to the Netflix database starting, NOW!

June 1:

“Apocalypse Now Redux” (2001)

“Barbershop” (2002)

“Carrie” (1976)

“Clear and Present Danger” (1994)

“Cold Mountain” (2003)

“El Dorado” (1966) Continue reading

Netflix Serious Upgrades Coming To Streaming After Deal With Comcast

Netflix inked a deal with Comcast to provide TV shows and movies that are streamed more smoothly to households than ever before. It is the first such deal for the online video streaming service.Netflix-Laptop-HiRes-e1349119808431

The two companies said in a joint statement Sunday they’re establishing a more direct connection to provide a better service to customers that will also allow for future growth in Netflix traffic. The companies say the arrangement is already giving customers a better experience. Continue reading

‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’ Now Available On NETFLIX

Here’s a nice list of movies and TV show Netflix will be adding in February.Blue-is-The-Warmest-Color-Poster-HD-Wallpaper-260x320 In case you didn’t know, Netflix adds movies to their ready-to-watch lineup when other titles run out of contract. This month, Netflix adds the final season of “Breaking Bad,” the highly anticipated “House of Cards” Season 2, cult classic “Flashdance,” the lesbian flick, “Blue Is The Warmest Color,” and cult classic, Harold And Maude.”

Here’s a complete list of movies and TV shows new to Netflix in February 2014. Continue reading