Jean Kasem LAWYERS QUIT! You’re A DEADBEAT Body Snatcher!

Jean Kasem, wife of the late, great, Casey Kasem, is officially lawer-less after her council dropped her like a hot, expensive potato.

Her attorneys are cutting her off from anymore legal services claiming that she’s a pain in the butt client who also happens owe them $500,000.

jean kasem

According to documents filed in Casey Kasem’s conservatorship … attorneys at Haney & Young are asking the court to relieve them as counsel for Jean, ASAP. Continue reading

Where In The World In Casey Kasem DEAD BODY?

Radio countdown legend Casey Kasem died over a month ago and still his body lay in wait.

But now we are learning the disturbing news, via his surviving adult kids, that as far as they are concerned, his body is missing.

Kerri Kasem casey

Fingers now point in the direction of Casey’s widow, Jean. Family sources say Jean took the body from a funeral home the day before a judge ordered her to keep it there so an autopsy could be performed. Continue reading