THECOUNT EXCLUSIVE: Youtube REMOVES Santa Barbara Killer’s Final Video

Eliot Roger Youtube video removedElliot Roger, the man responsible for killing six people at a Santa Barbara college, made a video before the attack. And now Youtube has removed that video from their system┬áciting: “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

In the video, which has already been reposted to countless other YouTube channels, Rogers could be heard describing a massive all-out assault on University sorority girls over their apparent lack of sexual interest in him.
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Elliot Rodger, 22, the man who killed 6 people and then himself died, is the son of The Hunger Games second unit director Peter Rodger.. It is unclear whether Rodger killed himself, or if cops shot him dead.

peter rodger elliott stallone .

He is said to have attended many Hunger Games premieres and functions..

The gunman was the 22-year-old son of Peter Rodger, an assistant director on the wildly successful Hunger Games film series. This young man traveled the world with his father and actress stepmother. This privileged youngster had access to stunning stars like Jennifer Lawrence.


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Elliot Rodger Released ANOTHER Youtube Video Hours Before Massacre ‘Life is so unfair’

Elliot Rodger, the man who went on a shooting rampage, killing everyone in his sight, released a video to his 500 Youtube subscribers titled, “Elliot Rodger, Lonely Vlog, Life is so unfair,” just hours before he would kill seven people.

Elliot Rodger life is so unfair

At one point in the video, a soft spoken Roger says, “I’m not allowed to enjoy my life in this world, all because, I’ve been cast out, no one likes me, no one excepts me, all my life I’ve been struggling to keep up with the popular kids.”

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