Brian Williams SUSPENDED From NBC 6 Months NO PAY

Brian Williams has been officially suspended for six months without pay, NBC has confirmed.

Lester Holt will continue to fill in until a permanent host is hired.

Brian Williams memes 20

A permanent successor will be a major problem for the network, which was not anticipating having to replace the anchor of its “Nightly News” broadcast for some time. Continue reading

Who Is Allison Williams? And Why Is She Being Peter Panned?

Allison Williams is an actress and the daughter of NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams.

Allison played Peter Pan in NBC’s LIVE broadcast of Peter Pan Live which aired Thursday night to massive pans..

Allison Williams Peter Pan Live 3

In response to a question about whether or not her performance would receive high fanfare, she shared her thoughts about those in society who might be watching for other reasons. Continue reading