CLARK COUNTY, NV. (THECOUNT) — Baron, the mononymous guitar player from the heavy rock band, MindFilter, staved off a potentially deadly Las Vegas carjacking by saying a few strong, well placed words.

According to the musician, he was exiting his vehicle in a Las Vegas underground parking lot when he was confronted by a dangerous criminal apparently looking to commit a carjacking.


“I had just stepped out of my car when a white van appeared out of nowhere. The driver slammed the van in park while it was still rolling and jumped out about 10 feet from me. It was intense because I was parked in an underground lot and dude was blocking me from fleeing. Think kill-zone! [A situation where there is no clear retreat.] It was like a micro-standoff.

It was at that point, he started menacingly walking toward me. That’s when I shouted, ‘get back in your vehicle!’ That stopped him dead in his tracks but now he was just standing there glaring at me with his fists clenched. That’s when I said ‘look I’m off duty, but I could be on duty real quick if you’d like’. I guess the Jedi mind trick worked because dude just grimaced, jumped back in his [stolen] van and pealed out,” says Baron of the harrowing incident.

No one was injured during the incident.

It would later be discovered that the man, who has a lengthy rap sheet, was heavily armed, dangerous and wanted by the police for multiple carjackings. He was later apprehended.

“As a songwriter, words are very important to me. So I guess in the moment, I just spit some law enforcement sounding verse on the spot — And thank goodness it worked.”

MindFilter’s current release “Unstoppable,” from “Before The Fire,” is out now and available everywhere you stream your music.

Geo quick facts: Clark County is located in the U.S. state of Nevada. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,951,269, with an estimated population of 2,266,715 in 2019. Most of the county population resides in the Las Vegas Census County Divisions, which hold 1,771,945 people as of the 2010 Census, across 476 square miles – Wikipedia.