Paris Jackson has finally opened up about a series of suicide attempts in 2013.

Jackson, now 23, attempted suicide on multiple occasions, including overdosing on painkillers as well as cutting her wrists.


Jackson, the only daughter of the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson, now says she’s grateful to still be alive.

In a chat with Willow Smith on Facebook show “Red Table Talk”, Jackson admits she’ll always understand what goes through the mind of someone trying to end their life, according to aceshowbiz.

“A lot of people do feel regret when they try and attempt suicide, like a last-minute regret,” she said. “There have been times where I did and times where I didn’t, where I was upset that it didn’t work.”

“But I can say, several years later, that I’m really grateful that it didn’t. Things have gotten better.”

Asked by Willow what made her contemplate suicide, Paris mused, “I think it was everything, man. I think a lot of it was just not knowing who I was, being a young girl who was going through puberty and probably just a lot of my situation and a lot of pressure. It was really hard.”

And mean critics didn’t help, “People would tell me to kill myself every day, and I was depressed,” she explained, revealing at one point she was convinced one of her suicide attempts would be successful, eventually.”

“(I was) just like, ‘OK, I’ve tried and tried and tried, and it’s really not working. Maybe it’s just not my time, and that sucks,’ ” she added. “And for a while, I was just like, ‘I’ll just wait it out’, which is so dark!”

Paris, a singer and an actress, recalled a late night pep talk she gave herself after a really bad day helped to stop her suicidal tendencies.

“I experienced self-love for the first time in my entire life,” she told Smith. “It was this really corny moment between me, myself, and the mirror… It was so intense. Just a lot of gratitude. It took a really long time to get to that point.”