RUSSIA. (THECOUNT) — Instagram star, Ekaterina Didenko, is mourning the death of her husband and two other people after a stunt performed at her 29th birthday party went horribly wrong.

Three people were killed and another six poisoned while attending the well-known Russian blogger’s birthday party, after dry ice was tossed in a pool party goers were occupying.


The dry ice left the revelers with severe burns and acute carbon dioxide poisoning.

The victims killed were identified as Didenko’s husband, Valentin and Natalia Monakova and Yuri Alferov, both 25.

The stunt was designed to create a ‘steam show.’

Didenko was among those in intensive care after 55 pounds of dry ice – used in theatre productions and as a cooling agent – was dropped into the pool without warning, reports Mirror.

It stunt was meant to create a dramatic “visual effect” to impress guests at the Moscow pool and sauna complex.